Dna Vaccination And How It Can Greatly Impact The Medical World

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My topic involves the study of DNA vaccination and how it can greatly impact the medical world by being able to read the DNA sequence encoding the antigens in an infectious disease helping to form antibodies against that disease. The science behind DNA dates back to many years ago when scientists and medical researchers discovered DNA and how it works and its structure. DNA vaccinations have been around as far back as 1000 CE all over the World but the first “known” successful vaccination was done by Dr. Edward Jenner who was able to successfully use cowpox material to create a vaccine for small pox in 1796 (“All Timelines Overview)”. Over the years, Jenner’s discovery has been evolved to become the current vaccinations that are used today. In traditional vaccinations, there are two specific types of microbiological preparations that are used in order to produce material for immunization to create an immune response that will protect the host from the virus (Scuderi, “What Are DNA Vaccines?”). Once again scientists and medical researchers are readily awaiting the use of DNA vaccination in order to prevent infectious diseases. DNA vaccination is a new method in which humoral and cellular immune responses are stimulated and a direct injection of genetic material is given t produce a small amount of cells in order to create the introduced gene products (Scuderi, “What Are DNA Vaccines?”). The DNA platform is has shown to be a safer and more stable than the current conventional…

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