Divorce Is The Best Option For Them Essay example

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The only people that can prevent a divorce from happening are the two partners involved. Prior to marriage, a couple needs to evaluate themselves and decide weather marriage is the best option for them. Partners need to realize that some “characteristics can present assets or liabilities to a relationship. For example, though the personal assets of flexibility and kindness predict marital satisfaction, unmanaged depression and anxiety predict marital troubles” (Duncan, Larson, and McAllister). Couples often rush into marriage or get married for the wrong reasons. Both participants, need to examine themselves and decide whether they are ready for a lifelong commitment with another person, before they decide to get married.

I, myself, am a product of divorce. I watched my boyfriend’s parents, my best friend’s parents, and then finally my own parents get a divorce. One of my biggest fears is entering a marriage that later ends in divorce. I feel lucky to not have experienced poverty, to have a high school degree and be enrolled in college, and to have no criminal record. I know, that I am one of the lucky ones, and that so many kids face issues that are the result from their parent’s divorce. I am however, experiencing what it’s like to have your family separated and the effects emotionally and physically that come with that separation. I know that coming from divorced parents skyrockets my chances of also getting a divorce. I am passionate about this issue and believe it can…

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