The Three Methods Of Divorce

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, “Perhaps nowhere has this change been more palpable than in the United States, where anywhere from 40 to 50 percent of Americans will experience divorce in their lifetime (qtd. in Analyzing Divorce From Cultural and Network Approaches). As one can see, 40 to 50 percent is just about half of the United States population. The question is, how does our nation decrease the percent of Americans who will end up in a divorce sometime in their life? Divorce is more common in today’s society than ever before. Divorce can be avoided or at least attempted to be avoided by following three methods. Taking advantage of counseling options, realizing that taking care of children involves teamwork, and focusing on the little things are just three ways …show more content…
Communication, trust, respect, commitment, sacrifice, and loyalty are all major, yet little, factors to consider inside a marriage. Divorce was not as common back in the day, but many of those marriages experienced problems that were ignored. Could it be that those couples were more committed than couples today? Commitment meant sticking out the marriage even though things were not perfect. Commitment today means being married for as long as happiness is in the picture, but once the happiness disappears then the marriage disappears as well. Life has thrown curve balls, testing some marriages, but some couples just cannot get the swing of things. Some marriages fail because of one person and some marriages fail because of both people, but regardless the situation, it takes two people to make a team. Without teamwork, marriages cannot function correctly. The marriages that do succeed are marriages that follow a guideline of factors. All factors play an important role and must be practiced by married couples to maintain a healthy

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