Child Divorce Essay

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Divorce is one of the most common events found in modern North American life, almost as much as marriage itself. The projected divorce rate among midlife couples is rising and has been growing since the 1970’s when Reagan signed no-fault divorce into law CITED. At least one in eight women who has only been married once will get divorced after the age of 40. The more failed marriages a person has been through, the more likely their future marriages will fail. With the divorce rate being so high, there is almost no one who can claim to have a friend or family member who isn’t or hasn’t been divorced. With nearly half of modern marriages ending in divorce, children are often severely affected by the aftermath. With a tumultuous family environment …show more content…
After a period of time spent in cohabitation with my father in Montreal, Canada, my mother moved to the United States because she was in love with my step father. and was obligated to get married in order for here to obtain her papers. My mother married my younger sister’s father, in 2000, and ended up later divorcing him in 2008. She was just 34 years old at the time. When asking my mother what caused her divorced she told me the most common reason couples get divorces One being she was spending less time with my sister father she was more concern on raising me and my sister and making sure her bills were payed and food was on the table. Another reason behind their divorce is the romance and passionate feelings between the two of them began to fade over time as is prone to happen in many marriages. Lastly, a great deal of stress in the household left the two of them unhappy with each other and they slowly began to resent each other because of …show more content…
My sister was at the early stage of middle childhood, 6 years old at the time; my mother did not want my sister to blame herself for the break up and feel neglected by her parents beause she wasnt emotionally capable of understanding what happend she just wanted to feel unconditionally loved between both of her parents. My mom and stepdad divorce was finalized and my sister was living at home with us. Although only around half the children in the United States spend their entire life with both parents, the rest of them will live in single parent homes or spend time being shuttled back and forth between their mother or father. In this case my sister and I were both living with my mother. Three years after the divorce, my sister’s father was dating another women and my sister would spend the weekday with us and go about her normal life and routine. During the weekend, she would then go to spend time with her father. In result to the divorce my younger sister was having some behavioral issues was misbehaving in school she would get constant calls home about her behavior about lashing in class and being disruptive during classroom instructions. My sister first grade teacher suggested my sister should see a therapist to talk about her personal

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