Divorce Is A Tragedy That Plagues Our Families Essay

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Today divorce is a tragedy that plagues our families. Split families are becoming more of a popular trend than a “need to be” life decision. Children are being shown the unruly world of single family homes. I would know because I was one of those kids, my parents divorced when I was around 5 years old and I didn’t notice how it had taken effect on my life until I was old enough to understand why my parents divorced. The constant back and forth about court dates and being reminded about past situation was never what I envisioned a child would have to go through but I didn’t mind it at that time. The best part for me about court dates was having both of my parents in one room with one focus and that was my sister and I, those are the moments that I treasure from my childhood. In the courts there is a system that allows visitation for that parent that does not have custody of the child. Supervised or unsupervised the parents got a chance to be in the life of their children if parents cannot agree on visitation without the court help. Court systems should set a mandatory visitation where both the mothers and fathers attend and interact with the child.
Being the product of divorced parents I understand the emotional restriction put upon a child at a young age. I would set myself apart from the students whose parents would be active in their life, I felt like an outcast. This is similar for most children who have divorced parents. In a group study I observed in the fall of 2015,…

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