Ages Of Suffocation Remembered Dreams Analysis

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“Ages of Suffocation: Remembered Dreams” – A story based on real life accounts of a Niger-American girl
Divorced families in today’s world – Are the children given enough protection, love and care despite dismantled family structure?

Uzo Amaka, young writer based in Northern California is releasing her first book “Ages of Suffocation: Remembered Dreams” on 29th August at Bella Ultra Lounge in CA, which is expected to shed light on a little discussed social matter in Nigeria, plight of children in divorced families. This book is based on true life events of Uzo, who spent her early childhood in Lagos Nigeria until she was twelve.
Her life story was never accounted by her or another until she decided herself to begin to
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At very young age, she gets kidnapped by her father from her real mother and taken to Nigeria. As she is raised under the protection of her father, a new member joins the family, Floressa, Oma’s step mother. Floressa is a beauty on the outside but soon she starts to show about the real cruel woman within her who constantly torments Oma and her two young sisters Ada and Uche. She takes her level of physical torture on children to the extremes by beating them until they black out. She is an adamant lady with such strictness that she does everything in her power to keep the children silent. Two young sisters are the only comfort of Oma, who also suffer from the constant beatings of their step mother.
Life of the little girls get worse as a house-boy hired to help around the house take advantage of the girls at their ages 5, 6 and 7. It continues for months until their father returns from overseas only to find his daughters abused and both mentally and physically tormented.
That does not mark the end of Oma’s sufferings in life. Her marital life does not bring her the happiness she dreamed, but instead turns out as another period of unhappiness as she finds her man in an affair with another

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