Divorce Rate Reflection

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The divorce rate in 2014 was 50% among Americans. While growing up the idea of a divorce never even crosses most kids minds. Over the past few decades the rate of divorces among families has skyrocketed to the point where its seen as a norm. My family was added to this statistic at the age of 13. This was anything but an easy divorce. Going through this experience has made me into a stronger person mentally, physically, and spiritually. Physically this was a very distressing ordeal. I had to move from house to house constantly to be with my mom and dad. Not only this but I had to help move because we had to downsize from one medium sized home to two smaller. I was participating in sports much less, I was on the lacrosse team and quit because …show more content…
It was a very stressful ordeal. I had to deal with not only my emotions but everyone in my family also. I was often depressed because of the tear that had occurred in my once picture perfect family. I would often stay awake throughout the night just laying there thinking of what used to be. A major part of it was putting on a mask and staying positive. I had to do this to help my mom, who was having the hardest time coping. The hardest part of the entire divorce wasn 't because of how it affected me, but my mother. My father and I never had that great of a relationship so I was more or less not interested in his well being. At school my grades began to slip considerably. I was failing some of my classes, it was bad enough that I had to have a meeting with my counselor. I didn 't want to tell them what was going on so my grades didn 't …show more content…
In order to quit my drug use I knew I needed to find new friends. I began playing sports more and found a new group of friends whom I consider my best friends to date. At home I took a more a bigger role in the house by doing more chores to help my mom. I began to clean, cook, and do laundry. Not all the time but anything to try to help. Over time my mother came to peace with what was going on which settled a large part of my emotions. I made peace with my father. We still have a rather distant relationship but I prefer it this way. The next thing I knew I had to do was get my grades up. I went to my teachers for extra help, thus slowly increasing my

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