Diversity Management : A Diverse Workforce Essay examples

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“Rapid internationalization and globalization have resulted in a diverse workforce in most Western countries”(Netto et. al 2014). A diverse workplace refers to the variety of differences between people in an organisation… which encompassses race, gender, ethnic group, age, … education, background.. “ (Greenberg 2004). Establishing a diverse workforce allows organisations to have different solutions in solving the problems within the organisation, it also provides a wider service to their customers in a global level. In contrast, it also comes with disadvantages in a diverse workforce, such as increased in conflicts, the costs of training the employee, communication issues. However, through effective diversity management managers are able to “capitalise on workforce diversity and minimise negative consequences” (Netto et. al 2014)

Managers can have two perspectives when employing individuals with a diverse background; a challenge that influences organisation performance or they could see it as an opportunity to expand the organisation providing valuable perspectives resulting to increase in effectiveness of the organisation. There are numerous of challenges that managers are faced with in both creating and managing a diverse workplace, such as communication, resistance to change, implementation of the diversity in the workplace policies (Greenberg 2004). As Kramar (2012) mentioned, in order to achieve competitive advantage, managers must be able to “move…

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