Diversity Made At Indian Mounds Elementary While Volunteering

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To begin with, in this journal I will be be discussing my observations referring to diversity made at Indian Mounds Elementary while volunteering. First of all, I am in a preschool class of fourteen students. The teacher, is well organized and always has a set schedule. He also does a great job promoting diversity as well as helping the children learn. My main focus in this observation was the eight aspects of diversity. The first one is Cultural which according to the textbook is social values, cognitive codes, behavioral standards worldviews, and beliefs that characterize a group of people. Culture has three characteristics that I found useful while observing my classroom. First culture is learned, next is culture is shared and lastly culture is adaptive since it changes overtime. In my classroom noticed these characteristics while I was observing. For example, students do learn more about culture from their classmates especially when my classroom is so diverse. Every child is exposed to different types of culture allowing them to become familiar with other cultures. The second type of diversity is Language. In my class I noticed that the main language other than english I hear a lot is spanish. This is great since I can speak fluent spanish. It makes it easier for the spanish speaking children to connect with me. The only problem is that the kids who speak spanish don’t really know english. The way the teacher handles this situation is by speaking the spanish when the…

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