Essay about Distribution Channels And Mobile World

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8. Distribution channels
Thegioididong, or Mobile World, is one of the biggest digital devices retailers in Vietnam with more than 800 stores nationwide (MWG, n.d.). It was announced the Top 10 retailer in the Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500 in 2015 (MWG, n.d.). This retailer is going to be an essential partner for our company in terms of distributing Tiles to the customers. For instance, consumers visiting Mobile World’s physical stores will be introduced and have an opportunity to test Tiles. This enables consumers to interact with our products and triggers their buying power.
Currently, Tile is available for purchase at Tile website and other online distributors such as Amazon where customers have to pay an extra delivery fee, but Vietnam is not on the shipping list. Therefore, I will open a new shipping route to deliver Tile from the US to Vietnam and establish partnerships with potential importing companies and Mobile World in 2 main cities – Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. In particular, I will first import Tiles and allocate them equally to each city, and then apply piggybacking strategy with Mobile World to help distribute Tiles to customers. Besides, 2 physical stores will be open in the largest shopping center, which is Vincom shopping center, in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to sell Tile directly to customers.

Source: Adapted from, n.d. 9. Pricing strategy
At the moment, Tile’s price is 25 USD each, which equals to 35 NZD, and is set by the company so it…

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