Distance Education And Its Impact On The World Essay example

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Nowadays, there are a lot of inventions and new products in every sphere, and education is no exception. Instead of attending regular classes, people can register for online training, which, according to many, is also effective. Technological process has opened new educational opportunities and changed a way people live and study. A few years ago, people could only dream about sitting at home, and at the same time participating in a workshop. Now it is not only just possible, but also wildly popular. Yes, distance education - is a kind of revolutionary concept for modern, multitasking people, who try to fit everything in one day. There is no doubt that distance learning enters an everyday life and it is gradually becoming an integral part of it. Like any innovation, this form of education has its opponents and supporters.
Firstly, no one can deny the importance of organizing time in today’s speedy world. Time-management and well-built schedule, in terms of convenience, can play a colossal role for overall success and effectiveness. Face-to-face education offers a little flexibility here. Those who chose traditional courses has to adjust to given schedule, and it may cause some inconvenience. With online education there is an unlimited freedom of choice. As a result, a person can use the Internet search and find millions of results that offer all kinds of courses. An online course is defined as one in which at least 80 percent of the course content is delivered online…

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