History Of CTE In Business Case Study

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History of CTE in business and its influence on my philosophy
A teacher is charged with the responsibility of imparting knowledge and skills that give students the ability to make a positive impact on the world. Through educational history, CTE teachers bore the responsibility of teaching and preparing students to meet the demands of the labor market (Wang, 2011). My teaching philosophy is aimed at improving teaching and learning methods to allow for acquiring the skills that will give students a competitive edge in the labor market and ensure job sustainability. My philosophy is in accordance with the concepts defined in the historical context of CTE teachers. Currently, preparing students to meet the demands of the workforce is no longer
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Since the introduction of CTE programs, the special needs education has grown immensely (Barry & Leather, 2012). There has been a diversification of career programs such as information technology, biotechnology, hospitality, engineering among others, giving the students an opportunity to join different fields of expertise (Barry & Leather, 2012). As a substitute teacher, one of the challenges special education face is the equality of resources in CTE teaching and learning. One of the scarce resources is the availability of skilled teachers (Barry & Leather, 2012). Special education, since the introduction of the school system, has been neglected and thus, efforts in producing skilled expertise to help prepare the students is also lacking. Teaching materials for the special education are also lacking. From my experience, the negligence in the special education department is attributed to the culture that the students do not pursue careers as demanding as the rest of the student body (Barry & Leather, 2012). However, the notion is wrong as many special needs people have risen to great academic and workforce heights. In my schools, teachers are required to give recommendations on how to improve the teaching standards and improve the quality of education. My recommendation to the school in regards to the special education faculty is to ensure equality in distribution of resources (human resources …show more content…
The introduction of the vocational education act led to a raised awareness for increased access to the disabled (Wang, 2011). Many of the students I encountered were physically disabled and showed no signs of bearing an inferior mental capacity compared to physically fit children. Advancing science and technology have opened up new opportunities for the students to participate and benefit from the workforce. Today, a special needs student can undertake any technical course without the fear of being discriminated in the workplace from physical limitations. In industrial businesses, many operations are computerized which limits the need for physical exertion. Implementation of CTE programs in special education had a positive effect on the students and challenges teachers to improve their quality of education. This has resulted in a continuous improvement of education in the nation and a resulting reduction in the skills gap among different people. Implementation of CTE special education continues to improve the mental health of students involved by creating opportunities for them to be relevant in contributing to the growth of the

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