Essay on Distance Between Newark And Singapore

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1. Geographic Coordinate System
The map Units and the Display Units are expressed in decimal degrees in this default map.
Newark (-74.523, 40.997) Singapore (103.458, 1.632)
The geodesic distance between Newark and Singapore 24,652.407192 km.
The Tissot circles are to measure and geographically illustrate the geometric distortion (linear, angular, and area) associated with various map projections.
A geographic coordinate system enable geographic data to use common locations of geographic features, imagery, and observation within a common geographic framework. Many of us use this coordinate system in what is called Global Positioning Systems (GPS) locations.

2.The Bonne Projection
The planar distance between Newark and Singapore is 74,175.640158 km. It differs from the true distance because it is larger.
The graticule on the Bonne projection map are complex curves connecting points equally spaced along each parallel and concave toward the meridian.
Properties of Bonne Projection:
Equal area projection
Curvature of the standard parallel is identical to a cone tangent at that latitude
Central meridian and central parallel are free of distortion
Projection is not conformal
A possible use of the Bonne Projection would be for atlas maps of continents and for topographic mapping of some countries.

The Miller Cylindrical Projection
The distance between Newark and Singapore is 20,358.374376 km. The distance differs from true distance because it is smaller.
The appearance of…

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