Missouri River Case Study

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Question 1
To explore the Missouri River and find a stream it as by its course and connection to the Pacific Ocean. This was very important, if we find a stream connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Missouri River we could trade often with the West.
At the start of the Missouri River, I needed to take careful observations of the Longitude and Latitude at all remarkable points so they can be recognised in the future.
To take journal entries doing your mission. This was important because President Thomas Jefferson wanted to know what was happening when we were exploring the west.
Engage Indians, had to tell them of their “new father in Washington”, This really wasn’t important as they did not understand our native language so overall this wasn't’ very useful. Question 2
Breakfast on the river consisted of
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We have faced many challenges on the way to the Pacific Ocean. I have to say, the most difficult part of our journey was passing the Rocky Mountains. When we were passing the Rocky Mountains, we are faced with severe weather. Some of the severe weather we have faced were high winds, freezing temperatures. We couldn’t of passed the Rocky Mountains without our horses. Overall, the temperature and winds made our difficult over the Rocky’s harder.
Question 7
Suggested routes for Lewis and Clark.
Sacagawea gave up her blue belt to the Chinook because they denied the trade request with the Americans so Sacagawea offered this belt.
When the boat flipped or crash, she would save items. Also, Sacagawea saved Charbonneau from near death.
Question 8
I will start off with the disappointments. I was very disappointed we did not find a water route from the Mississippi to the Pacific. This was a great loss. If there was a water route, we could trade easier. One thing I am proud of is all of the new Animals, Tribes, Plants that we discovered along the way.


Question 1 Who is York and how did he

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