Disneyland 's Theme Park Disneyland Essay

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I will be evaluating the theme park Disneyland. I will be deciding if Disneyland is a good theme park to vacation at. I will be showing that Disneyland is a theme park that people should visit because it creates good memories and it has rides for people young and old. Even though the price is higher than other parks like it, you are paying for quality and lastly there are fun activities for adults too. Firstly, Disneyland is a great place to create memories whether you are young or old. There’s so much to do in this theme park. There are all of the rides of course. Each ride is different and creates a thrilling experience. And a souvenir is a sure way to remember your trip. The bestselling souvenir is unsurprisingly Mickey Ears. Disney’s official website announces, “You will see babies wearing Mickey Ears being pushed by grandparents who are also wearing Mickey Ears. There is no age that is too young or too old, they are the perfect souvenir for everyone” (Brown). Disneyland sells many different types of Mickey Ears. The figure to the right is an example of some of the different types of the Mickey Ear hats that are available for purchase. A souvenir like these would make for a trip to remember. Another reason that Disneyland makes a great theme park destination is because they have rides to suit all ages that visit. From small children all the way up to adults, you can always find something that you will enjoy. The Disneyland Park is separated into…

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