Essay on Disney World : Walt Disney

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Walt Disney World would have never been built or even thought of if it wasn’t for a man named Walt Disney. The Foundation for Disney World started way back in the 1920’s with Disney’s passion for drawing and turning those drawings into animated short films which led to the creation of the Walt Disney company. The Walt Disney company became bigger and bigger over the next fifty which led to the opening of Disney World and the Disney characters everyone knows today. The cultural impact of Disney world today is the all the good things Disney World adds to the culture of America. Disney World is a representation of the culture the United states holds. First of all the very beginning of the Disney enterprise would have never happened if it wasn’t for a guy named Walt Disney. Walt Disney grew up with strict parents that did not believe in children having fun at all. “Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois, Disney endured a difficult upbringing. His father, Elias, was a stern religious fundamentalist who denied his children toys, games, and sporting equipment” (Walt Disney Company, 2015, Para. 2). So Disney didn’t get to have fun as a child,but instead he got to have fun as an adult running the Walt Disney Company. He enjoyed what he did immensely because he got to have fun at his job every single day running Disney.
To continue with Walt Disney Started his career out by drawing animations of characters that everyone knows today like Mickey Mouse and…

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