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Time Warner Cable
200 8 A N N U A L R E PO R T

Time Warner Cable is the second-largest cable operator in the U.S. and a major provider of communications and entertainment services to homes and businesses. Our technologically advanced, well-clustered operations serve about 14.6 million customers in 28 states, with our largest operations located primarily in five geographic areas: New York State (including New York City), Texas, Ohio, the Carolinas and Southern California (including Los Angeles). Time Warner Cable is built on a foundation of technological innovation and commitment to the communities we call home.

• Time Warner Cable offers packages of ff cable channels to fit a wide variety of budgets. With Digital Cable, customers
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It includes over 10 calling features, such as Three-Way Calling, Caller ID and Call Waiting, at no extra cost. • With International OnePrice, Digital Phone subscribers get 1,000 minutes per month to call friends and family in over 100 countries. • Caller ID on TV, available in select locations and soon to be introduced in more areas, lets customers see who’s calling, without leaving the comfort of the couch.

• Time Warner Cable Business Class offers an array of ff business communications tools to small- and mediumsized businesses and enterprise-sized companies, including video, data, Business Class Phone, and network and transport services.

• Time Warner Cable provides a broad range of advertising solutions to help businesses connect with their customers. The company is also a partner in Canoe Ventures, which is focused on developing a unified technology platform for fi delivering advanced, interactive advertising solutions to advertisers across multiple cable companies.

Cover: Thomas, Demand Maintenance Technician

Dear Time Warner Cable Stockholders, Employees and Communities:

Overall, 2008 was a good year for Time Warner Cable, despite the severe economic slowdown.
While many businesses and industries contracted, we continued to grow, although at a slower pace than in 2007. We made progress in enhancing our

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