Disney's Marketing Strategy Essay

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The Walt Disney Company

Marketing Management
November 30, 2010 Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Executive Summary 1

Chapter 2: Customer and Market Focus 3

Chapter 3: Human Resource Focus 6

Chapter 4: Management of the Marketing Mix 8

Chapter 5: Business Results 12

Appendices 15
Appendix I: Disney Acquisitions 15
Appendix II: Unique HR Initiatives, Programs, and Facts 16
Appendix III: World’s Most Admired Companies – Entertainment Industry 17
Appendix IV: Net Income of Entertainment Industry Competitors 17
Appendix V: Top Quality Companies with Overall Rankings 18
Appendix VI: Disney Park Attendance 18
Appendix VII: Variation in Per Capita Spending 19
Appendix VIII: Disney’s Operating Income 19

References 20
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Disney has remained faithful to Walt Disney’s original idea of creating a company that delivers entertainment experiences based on quality content and exceptional storytelling. The company has become successful by combining this service offering with outstanding customer service and superior business performance. This not only makes Disney one of a kind, it creates a global impact on other companies.

Chapter 2: Customer and Market Focus
Customer Acquisition Strategies Disney is a lot more than just theme parks and movies. Over the last 87 years that Disney has been in business, it has acquired over 66 companies including 21 in the past five years (Appendix I). The acquired companies range from media networks, motion picture studios, parks and resorts, and consumer products such as video games and merchandise. Each time Disney decides to acquire a company, a lot of thought goes into what it is purchasing and why it is adding the company under its umbrella. An example of this is the recent acquisition of Marvel Comics. The fans of Marvel Comics are very passionate. They are the people that are first in line at the late night showings of the newest sequels to classic movies such as Batman. They continue to buy the same product merchandise again and again (Steinberg). Though the acquisition of compatible organizations is important to Disney, the most important acquisition is the acquisition of its customers. There is some belief that Disney is going

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