Disease Control Cdc

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Center for Disease Control

The Center for Disease Control, or CDC is the leading national public health agency in the United States. It is a federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services and is headquartered just outside Atlanta, Georgia. The CDC aims to promote good health by preventing the growth and development of disease, injury and disability. The CDC focuses its efforts on preventable issues, such as infectious disease, foodborne pathogens, environmental health, injury prevention and occupational health and safety. However, the CDC also researches and provides information of national health issues that are much harder to fix, such as non-infectious diseases like obesity and diabetes. The Center for Disease Control
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The CDC is very involved in more than just monitoring diseases, because they have an impact on a very wide range of health. The CDC currently is doing much more to benefit us than we realize. They are battling, researching, and tracking diseases such as Zika before they can enter our country and cause a great deal of harm. The CDC is also impacting health care by working on a global scale, all with the goal to prevent diseases from entering the United States. The CDC has recently been working to not only tackle diseases but are working hard to ensure health within the home front. They recently released an informative article that spoke of diabetic and heart disease prevention for the common household and family. This article highlighted dietary precautionary measures that could be used to ensure good health. It focused on ways solving health issues on a small scale, such as a common home. This is a relatively new branch of the CDC. The CDC has generally been known for solving issues that plague nations and cities, but they now aim to ensure proper health in all facets of life. The goals within the Nation Center for Disease Control can generally be broken up into two sects, national goals and global goals. …show more content…
The best way to stop a disease from spreading is by attacking it at its source when he first comes about. If a disease is allowed to fester it can adapt and grow until it is much more powerful than its original state. If the CDC’s funding were cut then when they discover new, dangerous diseases, they won’t have the funding to get the resources and tools necessary for squashing the threats when they first arise. Another large caution regarding funding cuts is that the CDC won’t be able to completely extinguish the diseases they encounter. If the CDC comes in contact with a disease, it is essential that they completely disable it, rather than only partially. If they only partially destroy the disease, then it can adapt and mutate to become stronger and resist to the previous treatments. A cut to the CDC’s funding would cause a lot more of the diseases they face to only partially be taken care off. The cruel reality of fund cutting is that any organization must make decisions on where their remaining money will go because they go can no longer fund all their former ventures. Unfortunately, if the CDC’s funds were to get cut then they would be forced to end some of their global goals and delegate more time and money to ensure the welfare of American citizens because after all, the CDC is a United States agency. This would mean that many

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