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DB # 5 Explain how profits, piety, and politics affected American foreign policy in the late 19th century.
Profits affected American foreign policy because the US was producing more that it could possibly consume at the time, they needed a market for their exports. In order to secure their share of the global market and make a good profit along with access to sugar, coffee, fruits, oil, rubber and minerals, the government built a stronger navy, acquired more coaling stations and colonies and invested heavily in foreign markets.
As for the piety, a strong sense of duty and the missionary ideal of doing good for others motivated expansionism. And for politics, the public outcry for support of things like the Cuban rebels against Spain,
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Some of the actions Roosevelt took were to give more regulatory power to the government to watch over the stock market, protect private investments with government insurance, tried to balance the budget, and created government programs to get people working again. While his legislation helped strengthen the federal government and to promote social reform they did little to better the financial situation of American families.

DB # 10 Chapter 23: Should the United States have used the atomic bomb to end World War II?
I wasn't alive at the time, but yes from what I understand and have read. We did the right thing even though dropping the 2 big bombs was inhumane. Experts estimate that the war in the Pacific would have gone on for another 2 or 3 years if we did not. Apparently Japanese citizens were arming themselves against an Allied invasion, in other words they were not going down without a long drawn out fight.
DB#11 Chapter 24: What impact did the Cold War have on society at home?
The impact that the Cold War had on society and rule was that it turned many people in the country into schizophrenics, paranoia ran free. Many people were on secret agent mode. The claim that many people were communist helped to support the paranoia. At the time it was a very tense moment, and many people did support the communist agenda. It was Senator McCarthy who enjoyed pushing

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