Reflection On Situational Leadership

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Recognizing that situational leadership is the idea that not one leadership theory is completely applicable, but it is up to the leader on how to approach the situation (The Situational Leadership® Model | We Build Leaders, n.d.). I use situational leadership most when I am on call and I am not prepared for the situations that I am walking into, I simply have to listen to the details of what is going on process those detail and react. Sometimes it is giving orders to the RA and others it is stepping into situations myself to protect the RA from that situation. Different incidents dictate different responses, while keeping a cool head and being able thing through the situation is the most important part. As I mentioned before, I did not see …show more content…
Though it is not a leadership motto, it is something close to my heart to find a position that I love so that it is not work. My decision in jumping to student affairs from music was because of the work aspect. Teaching is a completely different style of work that has its own rewards compared to residence life, but I can honestly say that I have made the right decision, because I am challenged to grow in how I care for people everyday. I love my position as a Community Director, because of the role that I play in student’s lives. Living a life style of leadership in my position challenges me to solve problems new ways, because I have to show that I care even though some one has done something against our policies. Showing leadership in conduct cases has been the most challenging, but through conversation with my mentor, Dr. James Bridgeforth, I learned to make a judicial hearing personal and to get to know the student. Opening the meeting by introducing myself and getting to know the student and what they do here at South is important, because it shows that I care about the student and not about the policy that they broke. While later when we discuss the policy, we discuss it in a way of how it affects them and the community around them; explaining it this way makes the conversation come across less parental and more …show more content…
While I have not sought a leadership role model, my mentors have done a great deal of work helping me refine my leadership vision and developing me as a leader. Earlier I mentioned Dr. James Bridgeforth, he and Robbie Durr are two very important people in my life because they have taught me that caring for people is one thing, how you show you care is another. Their jobs as my leadership mentors have been to continue the work of my previous mentor Tony King. Teaching me that different people need a different level of care and how I approach that level of care is everything. Robbie helped me in my interpersonal connection in showing me just how I came across to people versus how I thought I was coming across. A lesson that I had started long ago, I am still working on today, how to catch more flies. I am still learning the crafted approach that would allow me to inspire others to dream more, do more and achieve more in the pursuance of my own

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