Why Gay And Lesbian Couples Pay More

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What is marriage? Some people say that “marriage is defined between a man and a woman” (Sterngass 19). But why should a commitment with such importance only be allowed between a man and a woman? Weren’t we the ones who fought against segregation, yet we are the ones discriminating against homosexual couples? Homosexuals have feelings too. They have partners too. They are also human beings who all they want is to legally marry their significant other. Isn’t society against bullying? This issue has been such a controversy and multiple campaigns have been created in order to prevent it from spreading more negativity in the world. Why are we bullying these people just because they love someone of their same gender? Whatever happened to equal opportunities …show more content…
One of these benefits is for lesbians. In the article “Why Gay and Lesbian Couples Pay More,” the author mentions a lesbian couple JaChel and Micaela, who have a baby daughter, but Micaela wants to give birth to her second child, yet her single policy wouldn’t be enough to cover all the costs (Brown 39). If gay marriage was legal in their state, Micaela’s status wouldn’t be as “single” and all her maternity costs would be covered. Just because a woman is lesbian, it doesn’t mean she does not wish to give birth to her own child. There might be a case in which both women in the relationship wish to give birth, yet they could not afford it if they are considered single. Having a child is not an easy or inexpensive task. Depending whether you have a natural delivery or a C-section, it will determine how much needs to be paid. Obviously, a c-section costs more because it is a more complex type of surgery. Other costs would include the numbers of days the patient would stay in the room, or if the child had any complications after being born. Besides health benefits, issuing marriage license by the state would allow homosexuals to make medical decisions for each other (Brown 37). Usually when a person needs to have any type of surgery or transplant, the doctors require permission from the relatives of the patient. The first person in line is the wife or husband and then it would be the relatives. When couples decide to take the big step of matrimony, they promise to protect each other in sickness and in health. How is one supposed to do this when they can’t even make an important life or death decision? It wouldn’t be the same if one of your relatives made this kind of decisions than if your partner did. When one loves someone, we will go to the extremes just to make sure they will be safe. Take for example, a pregnant woman who is in critical condition and only one of them

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