Discrimination In Health Care Essay

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Hospital discrimination is widespread in the USA dating back to the mid-1960s, the only then, being legal. The discrimination affects the minority population not only the African Americans but also the colored people. Despite the efforts to reduce segregation the one area that seems to have received low attention was quality of healthcare and/or access to it. This articles seeks to explicate the reasons why African Americans and other colored people are not insured in the health care.
Most of the African American people do not have access to health care because of their economic situation. Most insurance companies require a substantial investment in the insurance something that most African Americans are unable to achieve.
After the reduction of Medicaid use by the qualified people because they are not aware is one of the main reasons why the number of uninsured has risen. Those people who are qualified are not aware of their qualifications. The ensuing poverty increase in the people who need help has resulted in worsening of the situation and subsequently a need to the services health care. Most the racial minorities have no insurance because of unemployment and for the employed, their jobs do not insure their health care.
There are barriers to health care and hospitals which normally show in the forms of adoption, policies
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Inexplicably little white doctors have their practices in minority areas. Minority physicians require immense practice in health care services but due to discriminated post-secondary studies which lead to suffering of minorities with underrepresentation in health care careers. This shortage has resulted to poor services and poor provision of information regarding to health care services. Racial disparities have also been responsible for uninsured African Americans. The African Americans are likely to need health care attention but are more likely not to receive

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