Benefits Of White Privilege

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White Privilege

For those of you who have never heard of white privilege, it is the unearned benefits given to white people that are understood as normal. White privilege is not only linked to white males. All Caucasians are born with access to resources that are not granted to other races (Kendall 2002). To understand someone, you must walk in his or her shoes. For people who are born with certain privileges, it is hard to understand what it is like anything else. It is easy to take those assets for granted, since it was not earned. These rights were assumed at birth, just because of the color of the skin they came out of the womb with. Some common examples of white privilege include not being racially profiled or a victim of racism.
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You work long shifts treating patients and need a break from that setting. If the only reason you chose your profession was to make money, then you probably would have chosen to become a hedge fund manager or a lawyer. Instead you chose to help others. You enjoy making a difference in your patients’ lives and take pride in seeing them become healthy. There is a disparity in races receiving healthcare. African Americans are twice as likely to not have proper health care coverage. No person should have unequal opportunity in this world. As medically trained professionals you have the ability to help those truly in need. Studies show that African Americans without a regular doctor have poorer quality of health care. Those with a regular doctor have approximately a 20% more probability of having a physical exam each year. African American adults are also more likely to report chronic disease than the adult average. They want to have good health care is not an issue. When surveyed, 15% of African Americans believe they would receive better health care if they were a different ethnicity, as opposed to only 1% of the white population (common wealth fund). White privilege is an all-encompassing term that is prevalent by a lot of the Caucasian race, however it does not mean all white people do not show empathy and try to make difference. There are actions that can be done. There are thousands of free and low-cost clinics in the United States and are in need of altruistic medical professionals to get involved. Along with clinics in urban areas, you can get involved in your community and volunteer to help give minority youth be given opportunities to break through barriers and have equal opportunities. Many people prefer to be seen by physicians who look similar because it is easier to relate and they feel as though they will not be discriminated

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