Discrimination At The Civil Rights Act Essay

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Discrimination, for the purposes of employment law, is any workplace action such as hiring, firing, demoting, and promoting based on a prejudice of any kind that results in the unfair treatment of employees(Hero). Discrimination has many different fields but a big one in the united states is discrimination in the workplace. When acquiring a job, employers need to avoid discriminating their applicants by race, age, gender, and disability to assure equal opportunities
An employer should follow the Title VII of Civil rights act and give equal employment opportunities. Numbers of federal and state laws strictly prohibit racial discrimination. First in 1964 the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act was passed stating individuals can’t have their jobs jeopardized due to their race, National origin, gender or religion yet it still happens to this day. The Title VII stresses the act of not allowing Racial discrimination. States do not stand on the sidelines when it comes to discrimination in the workplace. State legislation covering workplace discrimination is fairly widespread, and generally mirrors federal law, prohibiting discrimination based on race. The primary differences are in the procedures used and agencies contacted to make a claim of discrimination. Second Equal Employment opportunity cannot be denied because of attendance or participation in schools or having characteristics often linked to race or ethnicity as long as it doesn’t interfere with the ability to do the job.…

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