Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Essay

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The Civil Rights Act of 1964 Racial segregation was an unfortunate part of the U.S history. Before the mid 1960’s, people were not only discriminated against by their skin color, but also segregated from the rest in public facilities, education and employment. In 1964 however, The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was enacted. This legislation outlawed any discrimination based in skin color, gender, religion, and sex in the workplace as well as in public places. This legislation changed the way of life completely. Author of Fundamentals of Human Resources Management, DeCenzo stated “No single piece of legislation has had a greater effect on reducing employment discrimination than the Civil Rights Act of 1964”. This meant that employers had to make accommodations for everybody to be able to have the same opportunities to work regardless of how they looked like and what their beliefs were.
“The act forbade the use of federal funds for any discriminatory program” History Network. Millions of people were affected by this in the past that laws such as this act had to be passed for citizens to start treating other people with equality. Minorities, especially African Americans who were discriminated the most, were able to receive the same level or quality of education, right to vote and work without it being illegal.
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Today discrimination in the workplace is very controversial. It attracts media and reflects a bad image to any company. When I asked my friend Patricia, who is 20 years old, how the Civil Rights Act of 1964 has changed her life, she told me that thanks to this act, being a Hispanic Woman will not affect her any less than any other person when she applies for a job. She stated that this act has given employers the opportunity to value her for her skills and qualifications rather than race and

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