Discover The Essential Equipment For Diabetes Essay

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Title: Discover The Essential Equipment To Monitor Diabetes

Meta: An article to help diabetics find essential equipment to monitor diabetes and avoid blindness, nerve damage and amputation.

Technological advances have made the essential equipment to monitor diabetes easier to use with greater accuracy. Discover Essential Equipment To Monitor Diabetes

A diabetes test can measure glucose, acetone and ketones. You can find supplies for each test.

The Glucometer

You may already know that diabetic testing to measures the amount of glucose in your blood. For decades, diabetic individuals have used a blood sugar monitor, or glucometer, to measure their glucose levels before meals. With most monitors you need lancets to prick fingers cleaned with alcohol swabs, and either glucose blood test strips or disks. Glucose blood test strips are single-use, disposable plastic strips impregnated with chemicals that allow the blood sugar monitor to measure the concentration of glucose in the test sample.
Most glucometers for home use measure the glucose in whole blood, but some can now measure serum glucose levels making it easier for you to compare your home test results with those of the laboratory. Like the improvements in cell phones, advances have resulted in smaller glucose monitors with handy features. Many store up to 450 test results but some can store 3,000 in memory. With greater memory, your unit may analyse your test results over several days or weeks, calculating…

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