Discourse Of The Legal Field Essay

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Discourse in the Legal Field

A typical day for any lawyer includes the gesture of correspondence between many other individuals. From writing legal memoranda to composing legal documents, a lawyer must possess quality communication skills to effectively perform his or her responsibilities. The job of an attorney would be thwarted from the inability to converse with other employees. So, how do students who wish to become lawyers learn how to communicate like their predecessors? While some education about how to communicate with others comes from experiencing a situation in real life, the majority of skills are taught in law school classrooms. Classes such as public speaking, introduction to mass communication, and technical writing are popular classes offered to law students to assist in the expansion of legal vocabulary and communication techniques. While being able to communicate well with clients is an important proficiency in the law field, being able to communicate also affects marketing for a law firm. The goal of individual law firms prioritize on the business’ profitability for clients. There are millions of law firms who compete to gain the largest client base. Communication is vital in the marketing of law firms, ranging from social media posts to newspaper ads. Without lawyers being able to gain clients through communication, gaining clients at all would be a difficult task. Without clients, a lawyer wouldn’t be able to serve his or her purpose and would…

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