Disadvantages Of Breastmilk

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Breastmilk is the most natural form of nutrition for an infant. Breastfeeding offers many benefits for both mother and child with few disadvantages. The personal decision to breastfeed is one that is made with major consideration toward benefits and negative impacts that mother and infants experience. While there are many different formulas available that promote nutritional values, breastmilk offers nutrients that are not found in these formulas. Breastfeeding also creates a bond between mother and child that cannot be duplicated. Overall, the decision to breastfeed is more beneficial for mother and child alike.
In an article written by Eidelman, A et al. (2012) called Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk, Eidelman and colleagues discuss
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143) that all aid in the development of an infant. These help in the assistance of building a strong immune system, and promoting healthy brain growth and development. Exclusive breastfeeding optimizes an infants abilities to obtain all of the nutrients available in breastmilk. Every individual feeding meets the specific needs of an infant when they are exclusively breastfed, this means that every time a baby is breastfed, the milk changes to meet the infant’s needs. When an infant is first born the breastmilk will contain nutrients to aid in weight gain, as well as help to fight off any infectious germs that they may …show more content…
Some issues that mothers face while breastfeeding are: believing that they are not producing enough milk, having sore nipples, engorged breasts (this occurs when mothers do not expel milk efficiently, due to not breastfeeding enough etc.), and breast abscesses. These conditions can make breastfeeding uncomfortable, and even painful. Other issues that may arise include improper latching, which is when an infant cannot properly suck on the nipple to get a sufficient amount of milk to fill their appetite. In many cases, these issues can be solved with either medication or classes that teach mothers proper breastfeeding techniques. Unfortunately, in most cases mothers become frustrated and decide to stop breastfeeding due to these

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