Disadvantages And Stereotypes: Pros And Disadvantages Of Facebook

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What if we went back in time before the YouTube 2010 before Facebook , my space , linked-in , instant massages , Internet browser , emails , computer , telephones, radio , telegrams , written letters and wall writing before 10,000 bc . You can clearly see how much our desire to communicate pushed us to do , from sending letters with birds to sharing a photo in less than a min will all around the world , social media is properly the most important invention human did , it turned our life so easy and fast but on the other hand it took our privacy out of our hand , how ? For the fallowing reasons


Here is the thing , Facebook is one from the most popular sites in the world, over 400 million use it , it started
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There are some advantages and disadvantages of using WhatsApp such as we can share our pictures and videos, we can control how much information we want to share and we can communicate with family and friends from the other country it has lots of positive things that we can do through it. On the other hand there are some disadvantages of WhatsApp such as it affects our relationships “lose contact with family “also it affects our eyes, brain and physical …show more content…
It was invented by kevin systrom and mike Krieger, Kevin systrom educated himself the art of computer programming. However instagram app was initially released on October 6th, 2010. In November of 2010 the Instagram team create resolution to move into idle office in the San Franciscans south park, but it is not just any office it is the former first. Any app of social media has a specific and useful ways to use it, there are some tips to grow our business
Firstly: grow your business online
Secondly: engage with your customers
Thirdly: you can make some money and increase your sales
Fourthly: partnerships
Fifthly: free marketing
On the other hand every app has advantages and disadvantages, there are some advantages and disadvantages of Instagram such as we can get famous on the web, we can share our thoughts and opinions and we can talk to and see people from all around the world. However there some advantages such as wasting time.
There are flaws in the privacy with Instagram, 1.such as when download the application for the first time its privacy will be in public until you change it from the setting. 2. Geotagging allows other users to see where you are, so it becomes problems because strangers can add you.

Now how the leak of privacy can affect us

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