How Does Social Media Affect Restaurants

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Social Media is something that we all use. We use it to connect with friends and family, keeping up with our favorite celebrities and shows. But even tho we might not notice we also use it to keep up with some of our favorite restaurants and leave reviews. Social media has become one of the greatest tools for restaurants as a form of free advertising and listening to their customers reviews. Having your customers review your restaurant can also have its downsides just like it can bring you many customers it 's can also harm your restaurant.

Social media networks such as Instagram is one of the many social sites that have made an impact in restaurants. When customers come in and order their food many of us tend to take a picture of our plate to post on our social media page always making sure to include the location. Even tho we might not acknowledge it, this is a form of advertising once we post the picture on our social media page all of our friends and followers can view this image and if the food looks appealing our followers will most likely check the restaurant out. This is currently very popular amongst teenagers considering that they are the once that spend the most time on social media and being active on to what they post. There
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This form of advertising also applies to bars, ice cream parlors, basically anywhere you can go out and eat. According to Brandwatch “social media users dine out more often” which is a benefit to the restaurants because it is most likely that they will post more pictures of their food onto their social media pages, they will also be most likely to rave about your food to their

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