Dina Mitrani Art Analysis

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On Sunday November 26th, I attended the Dina Mitrani art gallery located in Wynwood. I looked around and took many pictures during my visit. Overall, it was filled with beautiful artworks and it was a very positive experience for me. It was exactly what I expected it to be. During my visit, I came across an artwork that completely blew me away. It was a huge American flag made out of cooked, dried, rice. It was unbelievable how amazing and detailed it look. It had the three colors, red, blue and white and the lines in the flag were evenly proportioned. This was my favorite artwork during my visit because it was unique, and like no other. This artwork did not have a name displayed around it but whoever made this is extremely creative. To me this artwork shows how proud the artist probably is about being an American or maybe just how much this artist likes America or how inspired he or she is about it. It got me to think how I myself, am proud of being an American and how many opportunities we can be given. America is the place where you get to have freedom, the best cheeseburgers, the best life can be provided, you can create any future you want for yourself and many more great things can happen in America. This artwork really made me realize how great America is. …show more content…
This one did not have a name nor description as well. It was a big painting with many different colors and things going on. It had a pair of eyes peeking through all the things in the artwork. It had splashes of different colors, and a bunch of flowers with an eyeball in the middle. It also had a bird, and a dog in the artwork which I did not understand why. Moreover, I did not understand what this artwork was trying to tell nor why it had so many things going on. It had so much detail that I was not able to focus on the artwork

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