Reflection On The De Young Museum

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Last week, I visited the illustrious, well known, museum in San Fransisco. I wasn 't planning to go, but all of my family convinced me into going, so I did. This museum is called the de Young Museum, where fine arts from all over the world including Canada are there. One of the things I loved about the museum was that architecture of the building and the small structures around the main building. It made me feel like I was going back in time and experiencing history right then and there. Some pieces I found interesting were from an Mexican artist called Jose Guadalupe Posada who created “Calaveras del Monton.” This piece caught my attention by the use of death and skulls in the piece and an unforeseen trolley which made me ponder why did Posada construct this? Was this during the Spanish Mexican War and was this Posada ways …show more content…
This photographic piece was titled “San Ildefonso Indians” and the photographer is Alma Lavenson, who has many beautiful photographs and I totally recommend her. This photographic piece showed a male indian and a female with the saddest expression with a combination with droopy eyes and it just makes your blood boil when you know what happen to the Indians in America. This one piece touched my heart because the United States treated indians so badly. The United States sent indians to reservation camps and promised them many things, but United States just wanted to get rid of them. In such events, like wounded knee where United States soldiers killed the defenseless indians for no intelligent reason except for greed. The dilemma didn 't stop there, The United States took indian children and stripped all of their indian qualities and converted them to the ideal American. Lavenson was probably trying to demonstrate the sadness though photograph and make people’s heart change thus making the world change for the

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