Dilemma At Devil's Den Case Study Summary

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Case study Dilemma at Devil’s Den is a perfect example of the challenges that can occur in an establishment that question’s the moral ethics of business. The Devil’s Den is a snack bar on a college campus which employed approximately 36 student with 6 of them in management positions. Employees working the night and weekend shifts positions were hard to fill, and wages were low, making employees valuable. Therefore, the managers were more flexible in their actions and discipline measures were not enforced. In order for this den to carry on in an ethical manner was certainly going to be a challenge and culture shock for all staff involved.
These daily activities happening at the Devil’s Den are very unethical some of them being
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The lack of discipline and weak management practices have been condoned for some time and have now become the norm. Management must behave in the utmost highest standard to be the role models for the employees since they are the face for the company. They must lead by example and be the most honorable people in the company for ethics to be followed. It is the company’s duty to follow up with staff to insure that the integrity of the company is being promoted as they intended it to …show more content…
Managers need to verify these records and sign off on any voided transactions such as overage or underage sales. No longer should the key remain in the cash register and transactions should be rung one at a time closing the cash register after every sale. If the employees continue to abuse the privileges of eating free food and stealing the employee benefits can be dissolved along with the installing of cameras.
Together with, changes in daily duties for managers and employees working together doing inventory checks, cash drawer checks, cash to sale receipts, and offering incentives for good behavior. The Café can once again be a peaceful place to be and work at. Corporate can keeps all the perks in place and avoid the need to impose heavier regulations and punishments. The café will be more of a sought off place to work and will be around for many years to

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