Digital Platforms And Social Media Essay

1326 Words Nov 29th, 2016 6 Pages
While the usage of digital platforms and social media can carry significant risks for its users, a person’s life or his upbringing without these trends would certainly be put at a disadvantage in today’s internet saturated world. Digital platforms and social media provide its users an easy access to unimaginable amount of knowledge. To further elucidate this issue, these recent trends can shrink space through time, creating a world in which people can accomplish normally time-consuming tasks within a tap away of their keyboards. Digital platforms and social media can also facilitate the professional life of its users, providing them with better opportunities to seek or build their careers in the competitive marketplace. Accordingly, the improved condition of life offered by digital platforms and social media outweighs the potential risks of giving vast amount of personal information. The main issue with digital platforms and social media is that society has come to spend an incredible amount of time on them, turning them into a vast and organized repository of information and knowledge. In the meantime, these technologies have created a culture or standard of life where it is vital to become an internet and media user in order to succeed in life. Because digital platforms and social media are the gateway to an unimaginable amount of information, users can freely seek knowledge to their heart’s content: “With all the information available online, people are said to be…

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