Digital And Online Portfolio : The Adobe Creative Suite Essay

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In this article, we are focusing primarily on the printed portfolio, but the principles remain the same for digital and online portfolios. As a toy designer, you basically have two sectors of the toy industry to pursue, retail design and toy premiums.

Although extremely talented, I only know a couple of creative directors in toy premiums who know how to use industry standard computer programs including the Adobe Creative Suite. So, if you are applying in this area of our industry, you may want to go with a printed portfolio to navigate through the system.

Now, if you are applying in retail toy design, knock yourself out and submit a digital portfolio with all of the bells and whistles because their lead designers are, for the most part, up to date with the latest software. Don’t over do it though, make sure you don’t drown the meat with too much gravy.

Most vice presidents in both sectors are computer savvy, so if you are sending your portfolio to someone in this category you should go digital for sure. In fact, you should also have a LinkedIn account directing visitors to your online portfolio. I covered on this in an older archived Global Toy News article.

The printed portfolio still comes in handy, however, because it makes it easier for your work to get noticed as it is passed around the office. I personally have both digital and printed portfolios (as featured in this post), each geared to specific markets and industries.

In any case, showcasing your design…

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