Differentiating Between Market Structures Of Apple Inc. Essay

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Differentiating Between Market Structures

Differentiating Between Market Structures
Apple Inc. Started as the movement into the usage and manufacturing of personal computers in the year 1977 (Schermerhorn, 2010). Through changes in management and differences the various styles, the company missed out on opportunities that led to the loss of competitiveness to companies such as Microsoft, Gateway, as well as Dell. Later on, the company conquered its competitors and emerged as one of the best computing companies. Today, Apple operates in numerous lines that are inclusive of the music industry, mobile phones, and computer industry. The operations of this company range from manufacturing the hardware as well as the software for use in these devices. Notably, Apple continues to dominate the technology industry though not as aggressively as it did some years back. The company has since incorporation opened over sixty-five outlets that have enabled the company to move into the new world. In comparison to its competitors, Apple has gained customers that understand the superiority of its products.
The market structure of Apple Inc. Apple Inc. cannot be said to operate in more than one market structure though it offers diverse products to the technology industry. The company clearly operates in an oligopolistic market structure. An oligopolistic market denotes a market that is controlled by a few players. On the other hand, a monopolistic market refers to a…

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