What Is The Strengths Of Apple's Weaknesses?

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Strengths Weaknesses
1. Leading company in smart phone technology.
2. Brand name associated with quality and remarkable design. 1. Products with incredible high prices and rising with every new model.
2. Non compatibility with other os software other than ios has its disadvantages.
Opportunities Threats
1. Increase in demand for smartphones, tablets and other products are a huge opportunity for a big company like Apple.
2. Buying more patents could help Apple greatly because they could grow. 1. Rival companies like Samsung and Microsoft always cutting into their market share.
2. Huge law suits with rivals over patents don’t give good publicity.

Table 1 - SWOT Summary
1: Apple is the leading company in smart phone technology,
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They could use these patents to develop their original products or sue other companies because they are using their ideas.
1: With companies like Samsung and Microsoft always fighting with Apple for the top spot in the market they constantly lose out in the shares they own in the market. Apple last year hit a new low in their market share in the tablet market. Hitting a new low of 29.6% they lost their shares to companies like Samsung and Asus. Their rivalry with Microsoft for the share in the software business with Microsoft’s multibillion successful windows system has been more popular over Apples mac.
2: Apple and other companies are constantly suing each other over patents and breaching of such patents. Recently Samsung and apple called a truce with each other outside the U.S but are continuing the lawsuits they are going through in the U.S. These lawsuits that have been going on for years have given bad publicity to whoever will listen as the companies sue each other over alleged copying of each other’s hardware in their smart phones. This has led to potential consumers choosing other brands on the

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