Narrative Essay About Couple Relationships

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When someone says the word, “Relationship,” I instantly think of a couple dating. Although that is not wrong, there are different types of relationships such as, voluntary vs. involuntary, sexual vs. platonic, romantic vs. nonromantic, male vs. female, and genetically related vs. nonrelated. The type of relationship that resides the most with me is genetically related vs. nonrelated. This particular type of relationship is who you share your genes with separating biological children from adopted or stepchildren. This influences how you might communicate with another person. My mother and father had my brother then me three years later. Before I was one year old, my parents got a divorce. A few years later they were both remarried. My stepmother already had a daughter. My mother and stepfather had a baby boy. My stepfather passed away a couple years after that and my mom later got remarried again. My new stepfather brought along two more boys.
Sometimes people see that stepparents do not show as much love
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Thankfully, both my stepfathers acted towards me and my siblings as we were their own. My first step father did not have any kids of his own yet. He welcomed us in to his home with open arms. He never once acted like we were a burden to his time. I had a wonderful relationship with this man. I saw him more as a father figure than my own. Even once he and my mother had my little brother, he never replaced us with him. My stepfather found out a couple years after my little brother was born that he had cancer. Within a year, he passed away from this horrible sickness. After several years my mother got remarried again. My second stepfather also welcomed us into his family with no hesitation. He is the type of man who will give you his right arm. He puts all his children’s lives before his. If you needed anything at all, he would stop what he was doing at the drop of a hate to come and help

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