Different Types Of Psychological Approaches Essay

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I will be looking at the strengths and limitations of two different types of psychological approaches when used for research. The two approaches that I will be looking at are the Psychodynamic Approach as well as the Behaviourist approach.
Firstly I will be looking at the Psychodynamic Approach. A strength of using this approach is that although it and a lot of its practises are seen as highly controversial it has had great influence on the world of psychology. An example of this would be the psychodynamic research methods of Sigmund Freud and the many psychologists it has inspired over the years. Freud was the creator of psychoanalysis, a set of psychological and psychotherapeutic theories that were seen as so influential that they inspired a number of psychologists to the extent that they created a society based on it named the Psychological Wednesday Society which was later changed to the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society with the addition of more members. Cited by Gillespie, W.H (1982). The society consisted of 14 members by the end of 1908 including Carl Jung and Alfred Adler, who both went on to develop their own individual thoughts and ideas away from those of Freud.
Another strength of this approach is that it helped in the discovery and the use of ego defence mechanisms. These defence mechanisms were also first brought to light by Sigmund Freud but were further defined by his daughter Anna Freud in her book ‘The Ego and Mechanisms of Defence’. They are primarily used…

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