Different Types Of Operating Environments Military Officers Essay

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In the military, SLT has found to be highly useful given the different type of operating environments military officers may find themselves in. From their main role of leading soldiers in combat, coordinating training and base activities in peace time, to dealing with civilians in addition to their military responsibilities, these are just a few of the varied situations military officers need to prepare for. “Situational leadership is a popular and widely used model that emphasizes using more than one leadership style, particularly in developing subordinates in the military. It assumes that as subordinates gain training, experience, and guidance, they will be better prepared to accomplish the goals of the organization with less leader influence. The situational leadership model continues to be used in the military services as a training vehicle in virtually all formal leadership training programs.” (Yeakey, 2002)
In the research of Sims et al. (2009), they observed many instances where directive and empowering leadership were used by attending surgeons of a trauma resuscitation team in a hospital trauma center where the particular situation often determined the style that was applied. In addition to the attending surgeon, these teams may typically be composed of a surgeon training to be an attending surgeon (resident), an anesthesiologist, nurses, technicians, surgery and trauma care residents and medical students. The closer a patient’s condition approached criticality, the…

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