Different Theories Based On Leadership Essay

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There are many theories based on leadership. Leadership styles are diverse, and it may take various forms before one works best for a business. The evidence suggests that there is not one leadership theory that best fits every person or organization. This paper breaks down into two areas of discussion on leadership theories - Authentic, Cognitive, and Shared Leadership. The first area of discussion is a brief summary of each of these theories. The second topic of discussion is on how each of the theories can apply in business today. Each of the theories unique, but all are applicable to work within a business.
Authentic Leadership Summary
An authentic leader is self-aware and shows their vulnerability by having the following of the employees in a business. This is important for employees to see both of these attributes. It was George (2003), “that popularized authentic leadership in the general practice community when he published his book on the topic for the academic community” (as cited by Avolio et al, 2009, p. 423). Companies want a leader to be all they can be in the workforce, and in their leadership role. In business, a leader needs to have different qualities to lead the diverse workforce of today. In 2016, the Institute of Management New Zealand stated, “Authentic leadership in simple terms is a leadership style that is consistent with a leader’s personality and core values, and that is honest, ethical and practical in the way that you behave in…

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