Different Kinds Of Learning Types Essay

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Did you know that there are different kinds of learning types that kids are used to when learning my three examples are visual learners verbal learners and bodily-kinesthetic. Those are the types of learning that I find are the most interestin, well I was reading some of the ideas from Howard Gardner it open my eyes to the vast amount of ways to learn that kids implicate in their day-to-day lives. It is very fascinating because it 's like a computer that needs different types of software to run the same way. That in turn makes it very difficult for teachers to teach every student the same especially when they have multiple it also explains why some students have a difficult time learning the same speed as others and also divides students from one another.
Visual Learners are people that have an easier time when they are shown how to do a problem with verbal and visual techniques examples would be your class is doing a science experiment the professor will talk about the compounds that they 're mixing Embrace everything step by step showing you pictures and talking about it at the same time that in turn will be easier for you to learn. Visual Learners find it easier to learn things when there are pictures involved and the professor is explaining at the same time that way their brain can associate the picture with the verbal commands that come with it. That in turn will leave a lasting impression which will be easier for you to remember. You see people that learn quicker…

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