Essay on Different Elements That Make Up Customer Service

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There are many elements that make up customer service, one of many of them being service culture. Service culture is the values, beliefs, norms, rituals and practices of a group or organization. As a child care director, my service culture would consist of policies that are family and children friendly. Such as creating a schedule that fits traditional and nontraditional parent’s work schedules. My childcare facility will be perceived as being very family oriented and my employees and consumers will be treated in a family like manner. The people I choose to employ will have to genuinely love children and have a background or experience with adolescents.
Additionally, any child care provider I choose to employ will have to be comforting, patient, and resilient. My childcare facility will also participate in giving back to the community with free events for children or a cause. I will give my childhood providers or teachers the empowerment to make decisions regarding curriculum as long as it includes our key elements. I will provide lunch for my employee’s everyday as a benefit of employment. In my childhood facility I will make it my mission to be culturally diverse and culturally aware. My service culture is important to my business because it will be our way of business and how we operate day to day.
In addition, it will set my business apart from the rest, becoming unique from other child care facilities. Communication in the general is important, but in a business it can…

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