Different Characteristics Of Criminal Investigators And Special Agents

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Criminal Investigators and Special Agents There are many different job opportunities within the field of law. After looking at many different jobs, I decided that the criminal investigators and special agents had the most interesting and unique jobs in the field of law. Their job is to investigate suspected or alleged criminal violations to determine if there would be enough evidence for a trial and prosecution on either the federal, state, or local government levels. This allows for a large variety in their daily routine because no one case is exactly alike.
Although each day on the job is different, there are some tasks that are preformed daily depending upon whether the criminal investigator is working in the field or in the labs. While
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The three most important personality characteristics needed for this job are enterprising, investigative, and realistic. The hiring committee is going to focus on finding the people that are best suited for this job. They look for people that are enterprising because this means that they are more likely to start and fully finish an investigation before moving onto the next. They are also looking to hire someone with very advanced investigative skills. This skill is very important because the job requires that the person can go undercover and find evidence that will help support the prosecutor’s side of the trial. Another personality trait that is important to this job is to be realistic because it shows that you would be good at working hands on at a crime scene and in the labs. Along with having those specific personality traits it is imperative that the investigator has a mix of both hard and soft skills. Some of the hard skills that are necessary are critical thinking, complex problem solving, and social perceptiveness. These three skills are required daily when working as a criminal investigator. They also need to have a variety of soft skills as well. These may include advanced reasoning skills, speech clarity, oral comprehension, and problem …show more content…
Although the crime rates have been dropping there is always going to be the need and demand for criminal investigators. Currently the projected growth rate for this job is only 2-5 percent but that is due to recent budget cuts that affected the federal, the state, and the local levels of law enforcement. Once a person becomes a criminal investigator they can rely on the steady and predictable salary. The current starting salary for this job is $40,780 annually while the highest one percent of the criminal investigators earns $127,400 annually. The annual salary continues to increase based on how much education and experience the investigator

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