Homosexuality In Ancient Greece

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Nowadays, most of the people see homosexuality as unnatural, a mental illness, or even a serious sin. However, if we trace back to the period of the ancient Greece, ancient Rome and ancient China, the people at that time had a wider acceptance of homosexuality, and it was every common and popular practice in that society. In this article, I will first state the histories and cultural background of the ancient Greece, ancient Rome and ancient China. Then, I will analyze the Chinese and Western traditional way of thinking on Homosexuality in cultural aspect and social aspect. Finally, I will discuss the similarities and differences between Chinese and western thinking.

Although both Rome and Greece were western society, there were a few differences
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Greeks and Rome actually had no word and concept for homosexuality or heterosexuality because all men were assumed to have passionate feelings for attractive men (Mondimore, F. M. 2010). Therefore, during the period of ancient Greece and Rome, homosexuality was seen as a very common phenomenon in society (Dillon, M., & Garland, L., 2010), and the citizens of ancient Greece and Rome might just treat homosexual as same as our heterosexual now. To investigate deeper in western traditional way of thinking about homosexuality, I would use social and cultural aspects to analysis their feelings and thoughts about …show more content…
This practices of the ancient Greeks and ancient Rome differ significantly from those generally advocated by moderns. Greek and Rome homosexual practices involved beautiful expressions of love and devotion. Moreover, the linkage between power relation and sexual practice is also worth analyzing. “Pederasty” was the most significant form of same-ender sexual relations in ancient Greece. It means the adult men and adolescent boys would receive the active/passive roles respectively (Hubbard, T. K., 2003). Besides, since the ancient Rome society was patriarchal3, a higher status people could have sexual activity with the lower status, including the salve and male Prostitution anytime. Even two people are in same sex, one side must take an active role and the other side must take the passive role. It is because no effeminate side would take the active role during that period, so they had

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