Differences: Civil Liberties Vs. Civil Rights

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Aman Dhakal Professor Sherry Sharifian Govt 2305-71013 30th September, 2017 Civil Liberties VS Civil Rights Civil Rights are defined as the basic rights and necessity of life to the individual which protect against unfair act in relation to the social life and freedom. 1 However, Civil Liberties are considered as the rights that are secured by the Constitution of the country, as like in the US previously approved by the Bill of Rights.
2 Both Civil Rights and Civil Liberties are enlisted under the Bill of Rights. 1 People who are citizens of the US can use and practice their rights and liberties as per the constitution. Both terms are considered for the welfare of people’s lives and the betterment of their careers. I think we can take
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“Logan VS United States” in where the first-degree murder is treated as the crime. This case raise the voice for the civil rights in the supreme courts which is usually happen due to the accident or self defense, in that situation the court can decided based on the civil rights. For-example, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg affirmed the seventh circuit and held that the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA) amendment should be literally read and applied but she hasn’t a clarify interpretation of the ACCA when the civil rights came into the way of amendment and made a unclear decision. Like ways, there is another case i.e. “Kolloy VS United States” which is filled in the Supreme Court under the civil Liberties. 1 In this case, the government authorities can come to kolloy’s apartment and can investigate without any legal notice which can disturbs his civil rights. Justic John Paul Stevens argued that observation were made an investigation and gathered data exposed on the outside but didn’t concern in privacy. 1 This case shows that how government is irresponsible about the civil liberties cases. The victim filed these cases in the supreme courts for the civil rights. In that situation the Supreme Court weigh in the cases in favor of individual rights for the life, liberty and the great pursuit of happiness and freedom. Nobody can disturb the individual rights in any cases and situation according to the

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