Differences Between The Wizard Of Oz Book And Book

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Oz: Movie or Book?

The Wizard of Oz, a place full of conjuring excitement. A place that brings out the person you never thought you could be. Oz is about a young girl who gets caught in a tornado and swept away to a mystical place. There she meets a lion, tin man, and scarecrow that helps her meet the wizard. He then will help each of them obtain their true hearts wish. On her journey she encounters many obstacles that make her stronger in the end. L. Frank Baum creator of this story gave two forms of this story. A chapter book, which was published in May of 1900. Than the second version, which was, a movie produced in August 1939. Bringing these two topics together because I wondered. Which form of production was the more significant?
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Something showing that is in the movie Dorothy plays a older girl who is very dependent on help; A damsel in distress. After the cyclone hit Kansas Dorothy woke up and a frightened daze. She felt alone and worried being in a strange place after such a deadly storm. Throughout the movie Dorothy needed constant help and guidance through Oz. On the other hand in the book she was very courageous. Dorothy kept calm during the cyclone, she was more intrigued by her surroundings and wanted to explore. Dorothy was looked up to because of her ability to be so tough. As said in The Charlotte Observer “In the book, Dorothy kicks butt. She takes action. She’s on a quest. She is the person in charge,” said West.” Thornton, Lisa. "2 Dorothy’s Travel through 'Oz ' Book, Film."Charlotteobserver. N.p., 27 Dec. 2013. Web. 08 Dec. …show more content…
In the book even though the wizard only appears at the end of the production he is talked about through out the entire journey. He is the man who is known for being the only who can solve somebodies problems. Each friend went to the wizard for a different missing piece. Dorothy; going home to Kansas, Lion; Some courage, Tin man; A heart, and Scare crow; some brains. In the book the wizard appears as three different figures. He appears differently for each individual. Although no meaning why the wizard did such things. He was caught in his act which reveling himself unwillingly at the end. Now in the movie, the wizard has the same role but instead he shows himself as just a floating head that disperses fire when he’s angry. The wizard was caught in the act and was reviled by Dorothy’s dog toto. This time the wizard did not come as different forms instead just

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