Differences Between Online And Traditional Classroom

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Despite sharing some superficial similarities, the differences between learning in a traditional classroom and learning in an online environment are quite remarkable. Both of these types of learning require instruction from professors or instructors but differ from one another in the areas of comfort level, scheduling/flexibility and the overall learning process.

The first difference I want to explore is comfort level. Many times, taking classes in a traditional classroom setting can be rather stressful or intimidating. The students of traditional education must come to the class for study. Therefore, there is some judgment in it. It contributes to the restriction for those who are disabilities to attend the class. Additionally, there can
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A major benefit of online learning is the schedule flexibility. An online learning environment offers the flexibility which traditional classroom settings do not. Online courses allow students the flexibility to choose the time and place to learn that is most convenient for them. The style of instruction in online programs is student-driven. By student- driven I mean that the student is more so in control of the days and times on which they work on assignments and such.

Lastly I would like to talk about the overall learning process and how they vary between the two. Online learning tends to be more for those who like an independent learning style while traditional classroom setting is more for those that like the face to face interaction not only with the instructor but with their peers as well.

I believe that I possess many skills that will benefit me on my academic journey here at Bethel University. Some of the skills that I think I bring to the program are self-motivation, basic computer skills and determination. Self-motivation simply put is what drives you to do things. By being self-motivated, I tend to make myself do things regardless of how frustrated I am feeling or how discouraged I may be. For example, I have had many issues with getting registered for the correct classes this term. I was at the point that I was so frustrated that I was ready to withdraw from the program and the university all together.
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There was a time when I knew absolutely nothing about computers. But thanks to the help of my daughter I can now maneuver enough to do what I need to do for school and things of that nature.

The skill that I feel that I will most likely need to develop over time are time management and communication. Those are my major two that I am affected by the most. I always attempt to do things early but always end up being distracted by life and then procrastinating which leads to me rushing to get things such as assignments completed in time. Communication is an issue with me when it comes to asking my instructor for help. I tend to feel as though it will make me look stupid if I have to ask a question about something that I do not understand or about a concept that I just cannot seem to grasp.

I believe that multi-tasking can be a wonderful thing for those that are capable of doing so. In 2015, I think that it is very rare to find a person that does not multi-task. Multi-tasking has become a part of our everyday lives. I think that people do better when they are able to focus on one individual thing at a time. Personally I may have several projects in the works but focus on one particular one until it is

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