Essay on Differences Between Men And Women

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Throughout history men and women have done things that have changed the world. They are constantly pitted against each other, and sexist terms have resulted from human prejudices. Even though men and women are different, they also have their similarities. To say one is superior to the other would be ludicrous. Men and women are alike and different in many ways, but without these variations the world we know would cease to exist.
Men and women obviously have multiple characteristics that make them different. The physical and chemical characteristics that are not as well-known are actually quite interesting. Women, due to their unique chromosomal pattern, can actually outlive men by three to four years. Men typically have a higher metabolic rate, a higher incidence of death, and larger lungs than women. However, women have a faster heart rate, a better tolerance for heat, and a lower blood cell count than men. Men, when it comes down to brute strength, are fifty percent stronger than women (“Physical Differences Between Men and Women”). Men actually have a thicker skull than women, which is part of the reason they enjoy dangerous physical activity(Conner). So when your mom said, “all men are ‘thick-headed’ ” she was right.
When it comes to emotions men and women have different ways of handling situations. Women usually are loving, caring, and nurturing while men are more demanding, insensitive, and gruff. It has been found, that women tend to have that crawl-out-of-your-skin…

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